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And such a nomination would energize an important component of

Kay, Nicholas Robert age 36, of Minneapolis (formerly of Spring Lake Park), passed away last week to unknown causes. He was born January 3, 1981. He is survived by parents Deborah Robert Kay; brother, Gary (Ashley) beloved son, Anthony. He is also deeply mourned by his grandfather, Robert (Waneeta) Miller; grandmother, Effie Kay; aunts uncles, Jeanie Phil Picardi, Shelly Doug Mulvihill, Bob (Kim) Miller, Don Maria Kay; cousins, Sami, Tori, Emily, Joe, Julia, Laura, Ryan, Laura, Sarah Allison. He is preceded in death by his grandmother, Marlene Miller grandfather, John Kay. Nick loved all that was the great outdoors, especially camping fishing. He also loved reading, cooking and helping others. His sense of humor and his gentle, kind nature and deep consideration and empathy for people are what made him our very special son. Visitation at KOZLAK RADULOVICH BLAINE CHAPEL (107th Ave. NE Hwy. 65) Tuesday from 4 8 PM with Memorial Service at 7 PM.

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high quality designer replica handbags Second, and related a bit to the question of religion through the idea of identity politics, will the Obama administration give serious consideration to naming an openly gay person to the Court? Although politics is hardly my specialty, I think that doing so would fit well with the administration general political strategy of trying to bring out in the statements of prominent Republicans sentiments that are reasonably widely shared within the Republican core constituencies and not nearly as widely shared and maybe even widely rejected outside those constituencies. And such a nomination would energize an important component of the Democratic base. (For reasons not worth going into, I doubt that the openly gay potential nominees generally mentioned Pam Karlan and Kathleen Sullivan would not be the best candidates; the name I would float, were I in the administration, is Paul Smith, an extremely well regarded appellate advocate in Washington, who argued and won the Lawrence case.) high quality designer replica handbags.

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